How to create Arabic Eye makeup

Updated: May 1, 2020

Arabic Makeup is all about big and dark eyes. To enhance the look you must use vibrant colors including bit dramatic style. In Arabic makeup we emphasize eyes by giving your eyes an appealing look.

Products Required:

  • concealer for base over lid

  • golden pigment

  • light yellow color (highlighter)

  • green and red color shadow for focus area

  • black color for outer corner and crease line

  • gel liner

  • False lashes

  • Mascara

Let's learn to create the Arabic eye look:

  1. Apply concealer over the lid area or you can use cream eye-shadow for the base . Using Liquid concealer will help the make-up to stay for long so you can go for it if you want make-up for long hours.

  2. Take black color it may be metallic or matte depending upon the look you want to create and extend it to bit outside creating wing. Apply the same color to crease area and blend the color perfectly.

  3. On the focus area apply red and bit green color and blend all the color in such a way that you cannot see a line differentiating the color.

  4. For inner corner you can use silver if you are creating this look for fair tone and for average to dark tone can use gold color. So here I have used gold pigment.

  5. You can finish the look by creating extended eyeliner using gel eyeliner and apply the same on water line .

  6. now use light yellow color on your brow bone helps to highlight. Use highlighter only on brow bone having even surface. If there is any mark no need to apply highlighter., and that is how you end up creating an awesome Arabic eye look.

So what you are waiting for?? Just follow the steps and create the alluring look.

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